Adrenaline Games for Strength

Adrenaline Games for Strength

Move across the Ceiling Using Stirrups and Hooks

By using 2 stirrups you move forward with the help of hooks that are hanging down from the ceiling and have 1 meter apart from each other.

Walking on air across the ceiling

It begins with a leap from a swinging swing and towards a carriage wheel, and then you shift onto 2 rings that are hanging from the ceiling. Using those 2 rings you advance through 9 pairs of hooks and after that you reach a net that is also hanging from the ceiling. You bypass it and the exercise ends with you reaching horizontal scrolls and checking your time.

Climbing a Mast

Climbing on the mast is done by means of three wedges that are placed in holes located on the mast at different angles in order to hinder the competitor. For safety reasons the competitor is secured with a safety system.


On a specially made inclined wooden construction with a reverse slope, horizontal levers are mounted at a distance of 20 cm in height. The competitors have to climb upwards thrusting themselves with both hands simultaneously.  

Arm Wrestling

The game is of a competitive nature.