ЛЮБЭ 06.12

Оne of the biggest stars of Russian music LUBS will perform a spectacular concert on Dec. 6 at Hall S.I.²L.A., dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the legendary band.
Over the past three decades, the band has been at the forefront of the Russian musical nebula with unforgettable hits that have a pleasant nostalgia and are capable of smiling and crying to every listener. During their jubilee concerts in Bulgaria, the artists, led by the legendary vocalist Nikolay Rostorgiev, will perform their most cult songs in front of their native audience. Some of them are the favorite of all the comedians "Combat", "Soldad", "Tam for tumanani", "Song of the hero", "Pozowi Miia Tihuo Nam" and many others.
Tickets can be found at the reception in the Complex S.I.²L.A. as well as in the Eventim network: https://www.eventim.bg/bg/bileti/lb--bileen-koncert-30-godini-barna-sofia-plovdiv-298/events.html?ct=Plovdiv