Adrenaline Games

Strenght: Move across the Ceiling Using Stirrups and Hooks

By using 2 stirrups you move forward with the help of hooks that are hanging down from the ceiling and have 1 meter apart from each other.


Strenght: Walking on air across the ceiling

It begins with a leap from a swinging swing and towards a carriage wheel, and then you shift onto 2 rings that are hanging from the ceiling. Using those 2 rings you advance through 9 pairs of hooks and after that you reach a net that is also hanging from the ceiling. You bypass it and the exercise ends with you reaching horizontal scrolls and checking your time.рляте на висяща отново от тавана пиратска мрежа. Заобикаляте я от свободния й край и играта завършва с преминаване по висящи хоризонтално стълба. Играта е за време.


Strenght: Climbing a Mast

Climbing on the mast is done by means of three wedges that are placed in holes located on the mast at different angles in order to hinder the competitor. For safety reasons the competitor is secured with a safety system.
On a specially made inclined wooden construction with a reverse slope, horizontal levers are mounted at a distance of 20 cm in height. The competitors have to climb upwards thrusting themselves with both hands simultaneously.

Accuracy: Master Driving

Goals are arranged in a zigzag line on a 4-meter-long board, and must be crossed by a billiard ball. Controlling the ball is done by tilting the board in the right direction. The game ends successfully when you have crossed all the goals and returned to the starting position.

Agility: Balancing on Cylinders

The competitor passes across the ridge of 3 well-balanced cylinders. The aim is to overcome them without touching or falling on the soft floor. The game’s goal is achieving the best time.

Agility: Scale

The game is entertaining and requires acuteness and speed. Weighs are put at one end of a 2-meter-long wooden scale. The weights are 30kg, 10kg, 7kg, 5kg, and 1kg, with total weight of 160kg. You have to shift the weights so that, along with your weight, you can balance the system to reach the goal through the opening. Whoever reaches the goal first wins the game.


Adrenaline: The Pendulum

This is a high-adrenaline game. Using a 10-meters-long rope with one end hung to the arch of the gaming room, a jump of 8 meters is executed. You get a swing with a 20m amplitude and achieve incredible acceleration. You will get a high adrenaline rush, but would also feel a great satisfaction, and a desire to experience these mixed feelings over and over again.

Adrenaline: Trolley

This is a high-adrenaline game. The participant is secured with a safety harness and has to descend from a height of 8 meters on two sloping steel ropes using two rollers.


Speed: Giant Slalom

The participant has to complete a course moving from marker to marker with a carrying pole loaded with weights.


Flexibility: Balancing on a Beam with a Ball

The competitor climbs on a sloping beam, pushing ahead a transparent ball with a diameter of 2m. The goal is to first maintain balance on the inclined auxiliary beam and then on the horizontal one. The competitor must reach the end of the obstacle and return to the starting position without touching the floor.


Flexibility: Balancing With a Carrying Pole

The competitor climbs on a sloping beam and a horizontal beam with a carrying pole loaded with weights, which may vary depending on the age of the participants.


Courage: Walking on Two Ropes

Two tight 35-meters-long steel ropes are placed at a height of 8 meters. The competitor is secured and has to pass the distance keeping his balance by holding on to the capron rope. The winner is determined by the distance achieved in meters for a certain time period.


Courage: Skiing on a Rope

The competitor moves sideways in the direction of movement by sliding the skis while holding to the balancing rope. Specially made ski are used. The winner is determined by the distance in meters passed for a certain time.


Cycling on a Rope

The competitor hangs on a suspension system with a safety harness, which is attached to a small pedal wheel, adapted to move on a steel rope. The winner is determined by the distance in meters passed for a certain time.


Monkey Bridge

The game is about walking on a steel rope, which is undeniably hard.


The game is of an entertaining nature.