The S.I.²L.A. Sports Complex offers you comprehensive service that matches the dynamic modern life, and provides its customers with utmost satisfaction.

We provide you with various sports, entertaining and social activities through the wide range of our competitive services.

We have our own hotel - Alliance 4*, and an restaurant - Kopcheto, which are situated nearby.

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You have 3,6-months or 1-year card that includes Gym?
Come to the reception and GRAB A GIFT from BetterYou!

Only in december, all clients with cards that include gym and are for more than 1 month, will get a sample of the products as well as discount code from BetterYou!


This year Santa Claus is coming again in Complex S.I.²L.A. and will make our clients happy!

From 1st until 31-st of December you can join our Christmas Lottery! It is easy - when you pass trough the reception, just fill in the form and put it in the box! It takes only 2-3 minutes.

This year we give presents along with our partners:, Kopcheto restaurant, Floravit & BetterYou, dr. Todor Iliev.

  1. One-month VIP card for our services (gym, Spa, pools, group trainings, parking)
  2. Massage in the Spa center
  3. First visit and 2 procedures in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation cabinet and dr. Todor Iliev
  4. Proteins and amino acids from Bodies
  5. Dinner for two in restaurant Kopcheto (50 leva)
    FloraVit & BetterYou:
  6. Magnesium Oil 100ml
  7. Magnesium mineral body lotion 180ml
  8. Iron oral spray 25ml
  9. Vitamin В12 Boost oral spray 25ml

We will draw the winnes on 03.01.2019г. and you can watch it live on our Facenook page.
The lottery is only for clients of Complex S.I.²L.A.!

Why you should choose Complex S.I.²L.A.?

  • We do not bind you with a contract - you can choose between 1,3,6-months or year subscription and  renew it whenever you like.
  • We offer a great variety of services and packages: there is no other place, where you can combine Gym, Spa, Pool, Group Activities, Sport Playgrounds Rent, Tennis and Aikido trainings
  • We are the only complex, which has a kids place, where you can leave your children to have fun while you train or relax.
  • We also have trainings for your kid - tennis, aikido and swimming
  • Our 24-hour secured parking is available for everyone, and our clients with subsription cards have parking hours included in their cards.

We can tell you a lot more, but we prefer to see you on the spot - come to see what we offer and our friendly receptionists will show you around.


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