Birthday parties

If you want to organize a different party for your child, connected entirely with sport activities, Complex S.I.²L.A. is your place! For questions and information you can contact us on & +359 87 87 999 87

For kids under 7 years

In case your child is under 7-years-old, Complex S.I.²L.A. has kids place in which they and their guests can play with different toys, as well as on the sport installation. Our animators will take care of their safety.


Adrenaline Games

Your kid is energetic, loves adrenaline and is brave - the Adrenaline games are the exact thing for them! They are suitable for children above 7-years-old. You can see the different types in menu Adrenaline Games.

Sport training

We can organize tennis lesson, aikido or functional training with our professional instructors for your kid and their friends. The party will be interesting new challange and the main goal is to make them love sports.



Restaurant "Kopcheto" offers different menus for children, which will make the party full.
If you want to bring your own catering, our kids center is available.