3 saunas are at your disposal:
Finnish to 100°C (212oF), Finnish up to 110°C (230oF) and infrared sauna treatment with temperature of 60°C (140oF).

Finnish saunas

The Finnish sauna is a wonderful way to purify the body and relieve the mind. The high temperature of up to 100-110°C (212-230°F), combined with low humidity, increases the body temperature, speeds up metabolism, relieves muscle tension, expands blood vessels and increases the blood flow to the surface of the body. In this way, the body sweats, cools down and spews toxins out.

Standard Finnish

On 2 floors, it reaches 100°C (212°F) and is suitable for 8 people.

A special Finnish

On 3 floors, it reaches 100°C (212°F) and is suitable for 16 people. You can use it only with an appointment.

Infrared sauna

It is a rather good alternative for people with heart problems who love heat procedures. Here the heater with stones is replaced with special emitters, which heat the body directly. These radiators are ceramic and emit infrared rays, which have a therapeutic effect. The body reacts to the heat produced by the infrared rays in the same way as the one obtained by hot air or steam. The effect is the same, but the impact on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is genter. The sauna helps muscle recovery and is especially efficient for micro-traumas. The infrared heat is absorbed into the skeletal system.

Package services

PackageTime1 month3 months
(20% off)*
6 months
(25% off)*
1 year
(35% off)*
Spa 07:00 am - 4:00 pm 60 BGN 145 BGN 270 BGN 470 BGN
Full day 70 BGN 170 BGN 315 BGN 545 BGN
Fitness & Spa
07:00 am - 4:00 pm 80 BGN 190 BGN 360 BGN 625 BGN
Full day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Pool (Fitness & Spa) Full day 210 BGN 505 BGN 945 BGN 1500 BGN
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities & Parking)

1600 BGN
Pool & Spa 07:00 am - 4:00 pm 140 BGN 335 BGN 630 BGN 1092 BGN
Full day 180 BGN 432 BGN 810 BGN 1404 BGN
Spa & Group Activities Full Day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Fitness, Spa & Group Activities Full day 150 BGN 360 BGN 675 BGN 1170 BGN
Parking Included

50 hours150 hours300 hours600 hours


Single Visits

  • Single visit (includes Gym, Spa & Pool) - 30 BGN
  • Up to 3-years-old  - Free of charge
  • Children between 3 and 14 years - 6 BGN
  • Single Visit to the Spa Center - 25 BGN
  • Single Visit to the Salt Room - 12 BGN/hour (adults); 6 BGN/hours (children)
  • Solarium: 6 minutes - 3 BGN
    12 minutes - 6 BGN
    18 minutes - 9 BGN

Other Services

  • Towel Rent - 3 BGN
  • Hourly parking – 3 BGN per hour

Spa Etiquette

General Information

The Spa Centre is a place for relaxation and tranquility.  Respect the silence and privacy of our other guests by talking in a low tone and enjoy the silence.
Requirements when entering the Spa Centre:
• Wear clean flip-flops;
• Bring towels when using the pools;
• Use swimming cap for all the pools;
• Entering with glass, alcohol, coffee, tea and food is prohibited;
• Entering the Spa Centre with oils, coffee, cosmetic products and honey is prohibited.
You can buy swimming caps, flip-flops and goggles at the reception if you do not have any with you.


Make your reservation in advance, to make sure that the therapy and the therapist you want will be available.
Consulting with the employee at the reception will help you choose the best therapy for you.

Canceling reservations

If you have to postpone, change your reservation or cancel it, please inform the staff in advance.
It does matter to us!
The therapies you choose are reserved only for you. For therapy cancelled 2 hours before it begins you don’t not pay penalty.
When cancelling therapy prior to the procedure you have to pay penalty of 30 BGN.

Duration of Therapies
We recommend you to be 5 minutes earlier at the reception. Being late will reduce the efficiency of the procedure and your pleasure. Your procedure will end in time without making the next client wait.

Prices of Therapies
Every therapy‘s price is in BGN for a person, including taxes.

Personal preferences
Do not be afraid to tell your therapist if the pressure is too weak or too strong. Tell your preferences and ask questions about what you are interested in. Do not hesitate to participate in your choice of a therapist when you make a reservation to express your preference.