Past Events

25.05. Intelligent Music Project

Photo credit: Intelligent Music Project


Intelligent Music Project and the special guests of The Creation Tour - Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath), Carl Sentance (Nazareth), made an unforgettable show in Complex S.I.²L.A. on 25 May 2021. The rock fans were very happy to feel the rock vibe again on a live concert after more than one year pause due to the pandemic. The 2-hour performance was full of new hits and the musicians gave their best to entertain the public. After the concert, there was special time for autographs and photos with the fans.


"Възкръсването на рока на българската сцена се случи в Пловдив" - plovdiv.24

"Рони Ромеро и компания взривиха Пловдив с качествен рок" -

17.05.  The "rock star" with violin Ara Malikyan took over the Plovdiv stage

The violin of an Armenian and the piano of a Cuban conquered the stage of Plovdiv. The world-famous Ara Malikyan gave two consecutive concerts in the company of Ivan Melon in the S.I.²L.A.

The performance was like a projection of his life - a multicultural journey, full of many emotions, colors, feelings, messages. The light show in the hall complemented every tone coming from Ara's strings and Melon's keys. The two did not stop communicating through sounds and gestures, as if at times their image merged into one.

The world-famous violin virtuoso did not fail to approach the audience - both physically and emotionally. He opened his concert with a performance close to the audience and closed it like that, and during the breaks he picked up the microphone and told stories. In addition to charisma and plasticity, Malikyan shone with an unadulterated sense of humor -


The International Wrestling Tournament "Dan Kolov - Nikola Petrov" took place last weekend.
Our hall has become an arena for heated fights between fighters from four continents. 53 Bulgarian wrestlers took part in the "Dan Kolov-Nikola Petrov" tournament. The native representatives won a total of 6 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals.


29.02 Turetsky Choir

Mikhail Turetsky and his boys split the air at the S.I.²L.A. Complex in Plovdiv with their immense talent. Literally! The well-known Russian Turetsky Choir left the Plovdiv audience breathless yesterday, with the voices of talented musicians circling the entire hall and reaching even the farthest corners. And even when they were singing without microphones. Unique voices that make you feel them with your body. The musicians have chosen the city under the hood to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the people.

Tickets for the event were completely sold out weeks before the visit. The soloists went into different incarnations, going through different styles and countries. They sang in 10 languages, hits for several decades. They intertwined rock and opera, Russian romances and Spanish hoses. They also managed to involve the audience in their performances, making the whole hall sing with them.

08 - 09.02 Asparoukh's Sword

Italian Giorgio Marciano won first place in the international Asparоukh's Sword tournament, valid for the Under-20 World Cup in Plovdiv. At the final in the Complex S.I.²L.A.

Of the Bulgarians, the best performer was 17-year-old Todor Stoychev, who finished 26th out of 107 sabers from 23 countries
Mexican Natalia Botelo won first place in women's international sword tournament in Plovdiv. Six Bulgarians managed to leave the groups, and the best was 14-year-old Emma Neykova. She finished 13th in the final standings.


24.06. Tom Jones

Tom Jones captured the audience in the S.I.²L.A. Hall in Plovdiv with songs from his latest albums" Long Lost Suitcase "," Spirit In The Room "and" Praise & Blame. "Come on stage, who bowed to the 3000th in the hall. Sir Tom Jones is a living legend, one of the few musicians, with a long career, actively and successfully continuing to this day. His incredible performances go through all the boundaries of musical styles and periods, and have excited a number of generations. For his unique concert in Plovdiv, he arrives with a team of over 30 people who take care of the great sound and atmosphere during the concert. His recent albums have confirmed Tom Jones' world-wide popularity as a performer and creator, and critics have positively exploited both his work and his concert live performances.

22.06. Cuban Cassack Choir

Russia's oldest musical-dance ensemble - the world-famous Cuban Cossack choir finished its first tour in Bulgaria. The legendary Cossacks performed a concert in Plovdiv in the complex S.I.²L.A. on 22.06 / Saturday / from 19:30 to 22:00.

The performance began in a different way than in the other Bulgarian cities. The reason was the date - on June 22, 1941, Hitler attacked the USSR.

"Вечная память", sung in memory of those killed during the Second World War, gave rise to an extremely emotional concert, which lasted nearly two hours. The final was also remarkable - "The Boy Stood Up", sung in Bulgarian, "Kalinka Maya" and "Katyusha".

The Cuban Cossack Choir is 208 years old. It was founded in 1811 in Ekaterinodar (now Krasnodar) in the Imperial times. It becomes the oldest choir that continues to exist today.
The Cuban Cossack Choir in Krasnodar is among the largest and oldest folk ensembles in Russia and it is the first time to tour Bulgaria in 2019!
It was founded in the distant 1811. Performs Cossack, Ukrainian and Russian folk songs from the Krasnodar region. Today, the repertoire of people includes many poems and marches, reworked for choral performance by artistic director Viktor Zaharchenko.

18.05. Born2Dance Zumba®Fitness Festival with GINA GRANT

Unique emotion, high adrenaline, real happiness with the world star and first licensed fire instructor Gina Grant.
Born2Dance The Zumba®Fitness Festival with GINA GRANT conquered Complex S.I.²L.A. with the magic and spirit of all the dancers. Thanks for sharing energy, loading dances and great mood.

19 - 21.04. European Dance Cup Qualifications

For the second  year in the S.I.²L.A Complex Hall were held qualifications for the European Dance Cup.
All viewers were able to enjoy the beauty of the dance. Styles like modern ballet, concerts, Latin dances and many others were part of the racing program.
Music, dance and emotion captured the scene and brought unforgettable moments to everyone present. The great interest, good preparation and motivation of all participants made the event a real spectacle.

27.03. BOND in S.I.²L.A. Complex Hall

The most successful string quartet in the history of music, BOND (Bond Quartet), deliver a spectacular concert in Plovdiv.

The concert of the sexy musicians who made a million sales in Plovdiv is on March 27th

Tony Davis (first violin), Eos Chatter (second violin), Elspe Henson (viol) and Guy-And Westerhof (forehead) who arrive at ZAPP Entertainment  present a breathtaking crossover spectacle specially prepared for the key an anniversary in which all the best of their magnificent work has been gathered.

08.11.2018 Vasko Vassilev

Васко Василев омагьоса с танго, Стинг и Мориконе публиката в Пловдив ,

25.10.2018 The Magic of Zain

07.10.2018 Night of the ensembles 3

Колоритен фолклорен спектакъл хипнотизира пловдивчани

09.07.2018г 2nd concert of Lili Ivanova

Силата на Лили

Лили Иванова пя за последен път преди големия триптих в НДК

30.06.18г. Hip-hop "New wave"

Нова вълна от хип-хоп помете Пловдив

28.06.2018 Ensemble Alexandrov

14-15.04.18г. Europe Grand Dance Cup - Plovdiv Open

31.03.2018г. FSB

21.02.2018 Lili Ivanova Concert

Plovdiv was the first stop of Lili Ivanova's tour 2018 and the tickets were sold for 20 days! The hall was full, the emotion - inbelievable, and for us was an honour that she chose Complex S.I.²L.A. After the concert was over, the public encored Lili Ivanova and she and her musicians did a proffesional and unique  performance of "Camino"

16-17.12.2017 Tania Spirit Aerofest

Days with group activities in honour of Tania Lulcheva



15.12.2017 "Nyama takova Show" - Dance show by Neshka Robeva


02-03.12.2017 Tennis tournament “ASICS OPEN” (men - couples)


27.11.2017 South Korea Taekuondo Demonstrative Team Sports Show


11.11.2017 Ahat & Joe Lynn Turner

Photos: Darina's FocuS


Photos: AHAT