Steel Tonic

Steel TONIC – highly intensive group activity for the whole body. The class is build on special music and we work with dumbells or discs, step platform for more intensive movements. Each training affects the whole body with an accent to the problematic parts.
You will part with the bad mood and will leave the hall energized and with a smile!
You need to have comfortable sport clothes, clean sport shoes and a bottle of water.



Single visit Steel Tonic* 10 BGN

PackageTime1 month3 months
(20% off)*
6 months
(25% off)*
1 year
(35% off)*
Group Activities
Full day 80 BGN 190 BGN 360 BGN 625 BGN
Fitness & Group Activities
Full day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Spa & Group Activities Full Day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Fitness, Spa & Group Activities Full day 150 BGN 360 BGN 675 BGN 1170 BGN
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities & Parking)

1600 BGN
Parking Included

50 hours150 hours300 hours600 hours

* (??% off) - shows how much % cheaper the card will be compared to renewing a 1-month subscription.