Swimming Pool

The pride of our centre is our 25 meter-long indoor pool, with four wide swimming lanes and a depth of 150 cm. The green wall made of live moss, creates a unique feeling of unity with nature. Naturally illuminated by sun rays during the day and with artificial illumination at night, the pool is the place, where you can start and/or end your day.
For those, who want to learn how to swim or to upgrade their style, we offer swimming classes for groups with instructors, who have already proven their skills. One can take part in our swimming classes 5 days per week. On Monday to Thursday  trainings start at 4pm and 5:15pm and are conducted by swimming instructor Evgenia Dimitrova. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the trainings start at 4:15 pm and 5:30pm - you and your children will be taught by instructor Ivan Ushev, as well as on Saturday at 9:30 am.
The price for a one-off training is BGN 15 for children and BGN 18 for adults. Monthly membership cards cost as it follows BGN 100 and BGN 110. They include 8 visits, which can be done within 30 days. The card is valid from the date of issue and is personal.


Trainings with instrunctor:


Monday & Wednesday with Evgenia Dimitrova - 4pm & 5.15 pm


Tuesday & Thursday with Ivan Ushev - 4.15 pm & 5.30 pm


Saturday with Ivan Ushev - 9:00 am


Single training - 15 BGN for children (under 18 years)

Single training - 18 BGN for adults


8 trainings (1 month) for children (under 18 years) - 100 BGN

8 trainings (1 month) adults - 110 BGN

Package services

PackageTime1 month3 months
(20% off)*
6 months
(25% off)*
1 year
(35% off)*
Pool (Fitness & Spa) Full day 210 BGN 505 BGN 945 BGN 1500 BGN
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities & Parking)

1600 BGN
Pool & Spa 07:00 am - 4:00 pm 140 BGN 335 BGN 630 BGN 1092 BGN
Full day 180 BGN 432 BGN 810 BGN 1404 BGN
Parking Included

50 hours150 hours300 hours600 hours

* (??% off) - shows how much % cheaper the card will be compared to renewing a 1-month subscription.

Swimming Hours Package

Option for buying 4/6/8 hours - 52, 78 or 104 BGN

Single visits

Single visit (including Fitness, Spa, Pool) - 30 BGN

For children up to 3-yars old - free

For children between 3 and 14 years - 6 BGN


Hourly parking – 3 BGN per hour
Use of the playground – 5 BGN