Terrain Parquet

The area for basketball, volleyball, badminton and Futsal is with dimensions of 40 x 20 m.

The area is covered with professional FIBA certified Swedish parquet flooring and ensures elasticity, ball rebound, slipping and gripping. It is certified by the Bulgarian Basketball Federation. National Basketball League matches take place, as well as international matches and teams’ trainings. There is also a professional electronic scoreboard displaying fouls and points. The tables for the judges and journalists are equipped with wired Internet access. There is also a second scoreboard. The baskets are Hydroplay by Sport system-Italia. 

Dimmable LED lighting provides 850 and 1250 lux. During the day, the area is naturally lit and ventilated. Air conditioning provides 15oC (59oF) in the winter and 25oC (77oF) in the summer. There are 1600 spectator seats. Modern dressing rooms for athletes, judges, coaches and doctors are provided. There are guest restrooms for men, women and disabled guests, a snack bar, storage rooms and two evacuation staircases.