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Welcome to the S.I.²L.A. Spa Center! It is our pleasure to offer you the Spa Center, which has everything necessary for a first-class vacation - elegant and harmonic environment, attention and competence.
In our Spa Center you can choose between different facilities, which guarantee a positive effect on your health. After that you can rest in the Relax Zone, which has remarkable design and is a great way to end your visit at our Spa Center.

Knipe's path

Prepare your body for the Spa journey with Knipe's path - warm and cold baths for the legs.


Salt Room


For those of you who has respiratory problems, we recomend the Salt room. 40-minutes procedure will neutralize the electromagnetic smog accumulated by the use of all kinds of electronic devices in everyday life.


Ice room


It is cooling procedure, after sauna or steam nath for example.




You can choose between 3 saunas: Finnish (up to 100°C), Finnish (up to 110°C) and Infrared Sauna (up to 60°C).



This is the place where you can enjoy different spa prcedures: Kese, steam massage, chocolate therapy ...


Steam bath


Thanks to the humidity and high temperature, the skin receives bigger quantity of blood and oxygen.


Adventure shower

After warm procedure it is recommended to take a contrast shower - that is why the Adventure shower is situated right next to the steam bath.


Relax zone


Our Relax zone has unique design. It is the perfect place for relax between the procedures or at the end of your visit to the Spa center.


Spa procedures & therapies


Indulge in the pleasure of relaxing the senses and the mind, relax and let our professional Spa therapist do there best.