Aqua Gymnastics

Water aerobics or AQUALANETICS

This contributes to a vast improvement of the body, breathing, spirit and senses by using special moves which take place in the water. It is suitable for both active swimmers and people who have no previous pool experience. 
Using the principles of yoga and its base moves, it will help you get rid of both mental and physical stress in the pools of the S.I.2L.A. Sports Complex.

As soon as we enter the pool we begin with 15 minutes of free swimming. The real exercise with the instructor begins afterward. The physical and breathing exercises in the water environment can help increase the regenerative process and are suitable for people who have been suffering from chronic illnesses. It is suitable for people with spinal problems and it also benefits the motor and vestibular apparatuses, as well as the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Thanks to the qualities of the water, such as the thermal conductivity as well as the hydrostatic pressure, the movements in the water help boost metabolism, which leads to weight balance and can, for children up to a certain age, have a positive effect on growth. It has also been proven that it affects the endocrine system and hormonal balance.

The temperature of the water is around 28oC (82ºF) but you can also warm yourself even more at the specially designed thermal-area where the temperature is 35oC (95ºF).
Swimming hats are mandatory and we recommend you wear swimming goggles.

Dear customers,
the water gymnastics trainings will not be held from July 1 to September. Please follow the site for current information

The watergymnastics trainings will be in a break from 23th of July until September!