Yoga is a system that combines physical, mental and spiritual exercises. In order to get the most of the exercises you must follow 5 main points; proper execution of the exercises, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation. The purpose of the physical exercises is to further develop your physical health and stamina. Yoga can help boost the immune system, increase mental activity and stabilise your emotional balance. It also tones and strengthens the body and helps us feel good.



Single visit Yoga* 10 BGN

PackageTime1 month3 months
(20% off)*
6 months
(25% off)*
1 year
(35% off)*
Group Activities
Full day 80 BGN 190 BGN 360 BGN 625 BGN
Fitness & Group Activities
Full day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Spa & Group Activities Full Day 90 BGN 215 BGN 405 BGN 700 BGN
Fitness, Spa & Group Activities Full day 150 BGN 360 BGN 675 BGN 1170 BGN
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities & Parking)

1600 BGN
Parking Included

50 hours150 hours300 hours600 hours

* (??% off) - shows how much % cheaper the card will be compared to renewing a 1-month subscription.